2021 Calendar Schedule

January 12th:      Happy New Year!  
                     1pm Business meeting, 2pm New member

February 9th:      Spread the Love: Why I Love Genealogy!!!
                     1pm Business meeting, 2pm Webinar

March 9th:         Spring With Some New Ideas!
                     1pm Business meeting, 2pm favorite genealogy                       websites.

April 13th:         Be a Detective! Possible Field Trip Day.
                     1pm Business meeting, 2pm Using City                                 Directories, US Census in Genealogy. 

May 11th:          Growing With Knowledge! 
                     1pm Business meeting, 2pm Make a Family Tree.

June 8th:          Sizzling Hot Topics in Genealogy! 
                     1pm Business meeting, 2pm Guest Speaker:                           David Smith, GAR Descriptive Book.

July 13th:          Celebrate!! How Our Ancestors Arrived to                             America!!
                     1pm Business meeting, 2pm Field Trip. 
July 24th:          Possible Saturday Workshop
                     1pm Business meeting, 2pm Preserving Family
                     History, What's new with DNA,
                     Free Research on Ancestry.com. 

August 6th:        Senior Appreciation Day at Mackinac Trails
                     Middle School.

August 10th:       New Adventures in WGO.

                     1pm Business meeting, 2pm Sharing our

Sepember 7th:     Back to Basics: Organizeing Your Research! 
                     1pm Business meeting, 2pm How to organize
                     Family Tree Research or How to Organize your
                     Family History Research part 2. 

October 12th:     Scary Places!! What can I Learn from a                               cemetery?
                     1pm Business meeting, 2pm What can I learn
                     from a cemetery visit? 

November 9th:     Give Thanks to Everyone
                     12pm Christmas Luncheon and short meeting.

December 14th:    No Meeting.

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