In the event that you are unable to do your own research, a WGO volunteer will be happy to do it for you.

The Wexford Genealogy Organization policies on research are as follows:

$5 for the first hour, $10 an hour thereafter, plus postage unless emailed.  Please inform us as to how long (time wise) we should spend researching. 


At the present time we do not have the ability to do research outside our library, except via the internet.

To order a "death certificate" please visit the Wexford County
 website and click on "County Clerk".


Please send as much information regarding the person you are researching. Such as names, alternative spellings of names, where and when they were born, where and when they died, etc.


Please be advised that all monies received from research goes strictly to operating expenses, ie. rent and utilities.


If you know your charges, you can send a check or money order along with your request to:

           Wexford Genealogy Organization

           % Lookup & Research

           601 Chestnut St., Suite B

           Cadillac, MI 49601

Please be sure to include with your request, YOUR name, address, phone number and email address.


If you do not get a confirmation of your request in a timely manner, please email us at:



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