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Are you new to genealogical research? 
Ever wonder what it's like?  WELL!!!!

You could compare it to working with a jig-saw puzzle where you have no idea how many pieces there are,  there are no straight edges and it can grow in any direction at any time,   never knowing what turn things will take or where you might end up. 

Genealogy is a journey without end,  and one that you will miss as soon as you take a break.  It’s also good for the heart and mind as it’s relaxing and demands your undivided attention.  


You will grow as a person when you realize that you are an important part of a long unbroken chain of human lives. On top of all this,  you learn interesting historical facts and many also discover living relatives that were unknown.







Our Mission Statement
The Wexford Genealogy Organization will promote education in the areas of sound ethical genealogical practices of available resources in our area.   The benefits of genealogy,  family history and the importance of record preservation. 
We do this through seminars,  classes and guest speakers.
This organization promotes the preservation of records.


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